How to Adjust Your Shuffleboard’s Climatic Adjusters

Congratulations on your new purchase of a shuffleboard table! This video will teach you how to adjust your climatic adjusters on our shuffleboard table. The goal is to create a slight U shape on your board, so the puck glides smoothly! You’ll need to allow for a few days between testing the board.

Things you’ll need:
1 sheet copy paper
1 level
1 shuffleboard table
2 Wrenches

First thing you need to do is place the level straight edge across the shuffleboard table, then attempt to slide the paper underneath the level in the center. If it doesn’t slide underneath, you’ll need to adjust your climatic adjuster.

Start at the ends of the table, and work your way to the center. Doing one end first then switching over to the other end working your way into the center.

Your shuffleboard will come with the outer nuts snug to tight. First thing you’ll do is loosen the outer nuts to give yourself some adjustment room.

Next, put the wrench on the inner nuts, one to hold, and one to tighten. Tighten the the same on each side, so turn the left clockwise, and at the same time turning the right side the same distance. The goal is to create tension on the outer edges, so the adjuster creates a U shape, so later you can slide the paper underneath.
Let this sit for three or four days, and check it to see if you need to adjust it some more. Tighten the outer nuts once more. These are really there only for shipping purposes.

To test it, once again place the level across the table and slide the paper underneath the level. It’s properly adjusted if the paper slides easily underneath. Go through each climatic adjuster, once again starting at the outside, and working your way in on one side then the other.


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