Frequently Asked Questions



a) We proudly design, fabricate, assemble, and ship our pieces all out of Chattanooga TN! We are a proud member of our local community, and want to share our passion for great quality and unique furniture with the world. Check out our pieces and find something that fits you!
a) Don’t you worry! We can design something totally new for you! Send us your ideas, dimensions, the materials you have in mind, and your budget, and we’ll start working on something for you!
a) Absolutely! We are happy to customize for you! Our only limit is your imagination! Shoot us an email with what you have in mind and we can make a plan for your piece.
a) We love email, social media shout outs, and also have accounts on several websites (Etsy, CustomMade, Houzz, etc.) that you can message us through! The easiest way is via email at
a) Great question! We do not yet have a showroom, but hey, we LOVE visitors, so give us a shout and come on down to visit. We are happy to give you a tour of our shop, show you any pieces currently in production, and let you meet our fantastic team! We do hope to add a showroom someday, but as of yet we haven’t made any extras to fill it up as everything we make is headed out to one of our customers!
a) We do not replicate someone else’s work, but are happy to use photos you’ve found to understand your vision and create a custom design for you.
a) We require 60% down to place the order with the remaining 40% due prior to ship out.
a) You can order directly through our website OR we can create an invoice and email it to you with the link to pay online with a credit card.
b) Yes, we do take AMEX.
a) Since each piece is made by hand at our shop, our production time will vary based on our current volume of orders. Our goal will always be to get pieces out as soon as possible! Currently, we are running 8-10 weeks production time.
a) We ship pieces all across the USA! Live abroad and want a piece of furniture? Never fear, we can work closely with you to sort out a shipping plan and see how to make it work.
a) The piece is crated and shipped from our dock in Chattanooga TN to the local distribution hub in your area (based on your zip code). It is then offloaded from the freight truck and ready for pick up. We can run you a price estimate based on your zip code.
b) There are 2 options for the second phase of shipping

i) **Industrial Farmhouse can arrange a local moving company to pick it up from your freight terminal and deliver it to your location. This price will depend on final dimensions, weight of the crate, date of delivery, and company used. Our goal is to get quotes from at least two companies so we can find you the best price and give you the options. Once you select the company/quote, you will pay them for shipping directly and we will arrange delivery.
ii) You can arrange pick up from the terminal either with a local moving company, friends with a truck/trailer, or by renting a truck.
**IF you have a commercial loading dock and/or forklift available, we will ship the piece directly to your address and eliminate step two.

c) We are happy to handle all arrangements for you OR once it arrives at the terminal you can take over and get it picked up.

a) The above process is based on our larger pieces (shuffleboards, long tables, and reception desks). The reason we do not simply send a freight truck out to your home, is because any piece longer than 96” cannot be put on the lift gate to lower to street level. Due to this, we send it to the distribution center to ensure it can be offloaded at a commercial site with a forklift and then put into a smaller, lower truck for ease of unloading at you residence or business. Although it may seem like tricky, we will do everything we can to plan and assist you in getting every detail arranged (unless you opt to handle it)!
a) The majority of our pieces are shipped assembled. It will depend on the piece, but for the most part unless it has pipe legs, it will be shipped fully assembled in a crate. Want to know if your specific piece will be shipped assembled, shoot us a quick email! We love to chat with our customers!

Shuffleboard Frequently Asked Questions



a) We offer wrapping the ends in leather, adding abacus scorekeepers, customizing the

playing surface color and ornamentation, and/or adding a logo, initial, or family name to

the playing surface. Let us make your board unique and custom to you, your family, or

your business!

a) Yes! We are now offering colored stains, colored epoxy, and even varying metal flake

colors (aka fancy glitter) to jazz your shuffleboard up! Tell us what you have in mind and

we’ll get excited and then do it!

a) At this time we do not sell accessories. In the near future we hope to partner with an

accessory company to offer their products on our site. We will keep you posted! In the

meantime, we are happy to give you recommendations based on what customers have

told us.

a) Climactic adjusters are installed under the playing surface of all our boards. These allow for minute adjustments of the playing surface as the wood stretches and changes over time (especially in moist climates), to ensure that each time the board is played it is the perfect game.
a) We know that every space is different and even when a board is going into a brand new space, there is still a chance it is just slightly un-level. The levelers just allow you to ensure that your board is completely level once it arrives into your space. We wouldn’t want your friends thinking you are cheating when you win every game!

Didn’t see the answer to your question here? No worries! We couldn’t think of everything! Shoot us an email or give us a call. We look forward to chatting with you!