The Newest Kush Design For The Industrial Farmhouse

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The Reverence Coffee Table by Kush


This custom coffee table is part of our premier Black Label line designed by Kush for The Industrial Farmhouse.



This unique custom coffee table features a 12 inch bench wrapped in white buckskin with baseball stitching at each corner. The base is is made out of a custom hickory stained with a driftwood finish and sandwiched with stainless steel arches. All stainless steel is attached to the table with custom sized brass bolts. The top has a piece of inlaid glass set just below the surround. This piece is truly designed for the perfect all-in-one use! It can provide additional seating or serving for your guests or family!

You will customize the leather to fit your home or office! Just let us know what color you have in mind and we’ll handpick the piece perfect for your table!

Special thanks to the amazing homeowner for letting us take pictures!

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